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Past Performance

Summary of recent accomplishments and/or case studies made by our various divisions/llcs.

Past Performance

Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) Modification Support

Chickasaw Aerospace  supports the FAA with second level engineering, development, configuration management, acquisition support, and prototyping efforts of the WAAS. This is navigation technology that allows qualifying airports in the NAS to have reduced vertical and horizontal guidance during all phases of flight, regardless of weather conditions and without installing expensive legacy navigation hardware at each runway. The FAA WAAS Program Management Office recognized the Chickasaw Aerospace  WAAS team for their support to the Terrestrial Communications System (TCS) and 3rd Generation (G-III)   Receivers upgrades. The TCS is the ground network made up of 38 Wide area Reference Stations (WRS), three Wide area Master Stations (WMS), and four Ground Uplink Stations (GUS). These systems are located across the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada. The upgrade consists of new circuits and routers that double the bandwidth of the network in preparation for increases in data, and new Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers that are capable of receiving the new L5 signal. The installation of the G-III WAAS reference receivers will ensure WAAS viability prior to the Sunset of GPS L2 P(y) Civil signal in 2021.

Chickasaw Engineering is Supporting Critical FAA NAS Power Systems

By the deployment of multiple teams, operating in both CONUS and OCONUS sites, providing the engineering and installation of engine generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and lightning protection systems for critical air traffic control and navigation facilities.
What our Customers say about our Power Installation Teams:
I’ve been on a few bad projects in a row where the contractors are just clueless and plainly can’t do the work. They [Chickasaw Aerospace] gave us a high quality product. It was refreshing to work with them if they (Chickasaw Aerospace) can’t get it fixed, it isn’t fixable.

Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC)

Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC)

The Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC) is a nationwide, toll free call center that enables Native American beneficiaries to conveniently access information regarding their trust assets, check the status of a trust service or update Individual Indian Money (IIM) account information. We also provide services to Beneficiary tribes and DOI field personnel. The TBCC is located within the Office of the Special Trustee – Field Operations, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is staffed with personnel trained in fiduciary management who have direct access to callers’ trust asset data. Implementation of the centralized Trust Beneficiary Call Center has become a significant component in meeting Department of the Interior’s goal of communicating and fulfilling its responsibilities to American Indians.  The TBCC recently celebrated their 12th anniversary of operation and has responded to over 1.9 million beneneficary inquiries with a first line resolution of 97%.

Many of our staff have worked supporting both the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians for over a decade.  We offer services based on experience, and provide mechanisms for measuring performance to improve Beneficiary services.  We operate the call center while monitoring for quality and accuracy by enhancing and subsequently maintaining a comprehensive Quality Control process to assure all communication with individual Beneficiaries, Tribes, and DOI field personnel are consistent with the DOI fiduciary responsibilities.  Our primary goal within the TBCC is to provide Beneficiaries and stakeholders with excellence in customer service.

Medicare Subrogation

Medicare Subrogation

We established our Oklahoma based operations in 2007 and many of our helpful experienced staff are still with us today. We are honored to be a part of a team who recovers money for the Medicare Trust fund. The process of collecting dollars from Medicare beneficiaries is typically very long and complicated; however, our friendly experienced staff engage with beneficiaries and their attorneys on a daily basis and are often praised for their superior customer service.

We excel at business production work.  When we work on a program which requires repetitive work, we outshine others by developing standard processes and corresponding measurements, implementing quality functions and measurements, look for process improvements, and implement innovative technologies where possible. We are also cost competitive due to our location.

Our success in subrogation is a result of our desire to develop and empower the workforce to be happy and the best form of themselves while at work, in an effort to inspire superior performance.

DENCOM Dental Staffing

DENCOM Dental Staffing

Since 2001, we have been honored to provide dental staff to the Army.  Our dental staffing work routinely receives high marks from the government regarding our ability to quickly recruit highly qualified staff.

We have an established record of providing quality services across multiple locations; including Dentists, Endodontists, Maxillofacial Surgeons, Hygienists, and Dental Assistants. We leverage the combined knowledge and experience of our cumulative contract history of providing Health Care Professionals to the military since 2001 and hone our recruiting and retention to provide the military with a stable and superior workforce.

Our military personnel and their families deserve the best dental care the profession has to offer, and the military deserves a stable workforce of highly qualified professionals and a management team who supports them. We propose a Best Value option which meets the needs for quality dental services at a fair price. Our approach is to price positions at a level where we fill with superior dental staff. 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/Department of Transportation (DOT)

The FAA Enterprise Services Center is a shared service provider, offering various services to multiple government agencies on a fee-for-service basis. ITSS has performed on this contract for 12 years. Our help desk supports approximately 80,000 users nationwide with IT support. Our tasks include staffing the Tier 1-3 Help Desk which includes Desktop Support, Asset Management, Quality Documentation and Deployment Activities. Our team offers our clients reliable and exemplary 24/7 service desk support 365 days of the year. Our team boasts a 16 second average speed to answer with a customer satisfaction of 97% while implementing tools that have reduced staffing requirements by 10%. ITSS supports the financial platform, acquisition system, time and attendance system, payroll system, performance management system, and the enterprise architecture and solution.

Health and Human Services Indian Health Services (IHS)

The IHS Information Security program ensures adequate, effective, risk-based security controls are implemented to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IHS data and information systems. Additionally, this program is responsible for securing compliance with applicable federal legislation and mandates, as well as departmental and agency policies. We develop, implement, and maintain the information security program necessary to meet this objective. Our outstanding security team has also been recognized for consecutive years with multiple awards for their elite cyber work at IHS. Our 2016 awards included the (ISC)2 Award for Process/Policy Improvement and the CSO50 Award for Cybersecurity Strategy Planning. This team has also published award-winning security awareness publications that are regularly distributed to thousands of users nationwide.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

We have provided application development support to the FDA for 8 years in several areas: Drug Quality and Compliance, IT Service Management, and Adverse Events of Medical Devices. Our team also implemented Oracle COTS Products for supporting the collection of Adverse Events of Drugs and Biologics. The ITSS Division’s expert application development team created and implemented a cutting edge, innovative drug registration and listing system. The results of this new technology reduced FDA costs, the creation of time efficiencies, improved facilitation of data access, and greatly simplified data maintenance procedures. Our team was the first to provide a comprehensive data intelligence solution available to all offices of the FDA. Our application development experts developed and maintain the largest Adverse Event System for Drugs and Biologics in the world for the FDA. They also created the FDA’s First Drug Quality and Compliance portal which supports prescription drug and non-generic related submissions from the pharmaceutical industry. This soon led to be one of FDA’s mission critical applications with its user base increasing from 50+ users to 1200+ users. The system today supports 3000+ users from the pharmaceutical industry with highly-interactive UI and a complex rules management engine that provides real-time validation of data. Our application development team won two Commissions Group Recognition Awards for their work on this program.